Since our inception 17 years ago, Midwest Construction has strived to provide our employees with family-oriented, safe work environments while providing our customers with quality, on-time construction with exceptional value and professional integrity. Our commitment to this mission has allowed Midwest Construction to serve our customers with high quality construction and continued growth throughout the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast regions.

Our Story:

George Antonas formed Midwest Construction 17 years ago on the Midwest coast of Florida. George believed that superior work ethic was missing in the building trades and with hard work and integrity; he could service the construction industries far better than the others. After 5 years in Florida in 1995 and a growing workload in the Northeast, George decided to relocate Midwest Construction back to his home state of NJ.

<p?George created a versatile construction team with the goal of creating a competitive firm that is focused on value and performance for a select group of restaurant owning clients. His team focused on one-of-a-kind projects, without the cumbersome overhead and hierarchy of a large general contractor.Knowing that the end result is the most important part, Midwest is dedicated to keeping clients interests first and giving them the results they demand. Today, we still pursue our projects with the same relentless dedication to our customers as we did 17 years ago and will continue to safeguard our customers’ needs in the future.